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"You did SUCH an outstanding job. Even the editing is beautiful. Although I must say, it is really heartbreaking, to the point of being difficult for me to watch at times, as they malign Sarah Palin. It's despicable. I hardly have words to describe it. After watching MM, I was sorry to see that Sarah's treatment was so much worse than I even originally suspected. I really like Sarah Palin. I can identify with her and I deeply respect her. She did not deserve what she got. People REALLY need to see this movie.

Anyway, I had a couple of friends watch MM. Like me, one of my friends already almost positive that the bias was there. But it was wonderful & a relief to watch your film which confirmed our beliefs and helped dispense the feeling of "AM I RIGHT, or am I just a self-hating, naive, conspiracy theorist??" My other friend is kind of an ostrich... He's of the "out of sight out of mind," school of thought.". He believed, "all politicians are the same, all politicians are corrupt. I'm not gonna waste my time voting when I could be picking cat hair out of my navel." But I turned on MM & he sat there and watched your movie in (stunned) silence. The next time I saw him, he actually brought up politics and told me all the effort he had made to enlighten his friend on what has been going on in the country. I think I saw a rainbow in the sky...

John, I can't express how amazing it was to see righteous indignation on my friend's face for the FIRST TIME, while simultaneously hearing him talk about the current political situation in this country. More amazing still, he was correctly stating the facts! He had started investigating on his own. Actually your movie did something I hadn't been able to do in 3 yrs. You got his full attention! The way the information is presented in MM makes it almost impossible to deny the truth. It grabs a person's attention from the first few frames. My friend might actually vote in his first election sometime in the near future! (Still working on that :-) " ~Donna

"Having watched the DVD 3 times now, I can say that you really nailed it. It is phenomenal, and I have a waiting list of like-minded friends and relatives who wish to borrow it. Thank you for what you've done. I saw you on TV the other evening as you were outside the building where K Couric was to receive her undeserved award. It was only then that I came to the conclusion that you were really the one who produced the "Media Malpractice" DVD. I am honored that you took the time to make sure that I received my copy. Thank you so much. I wish you great success with all that you are attempting to do. After seeing how we "Right-Wing Extremists" were treated and denigrated last week by the "Liberal-media"(using the term media loosely), I am praying that what we did will have some impact." ~Barbara B.

"I thought it extremely well done and perfectly conclusive. Although you made your chronicle entertaining , reliving the outrage step by step was heartbreaking . How sad to see this good person trashed and the Jeremiah Wright protege come out as the nice guy . The profound message of your documentary has dark ramifications for democracy . If democracy depends upon journalistic objectivity and if journalists are prepared to sacrifice objectivity for the sake of a cause or candidate then liberty is threatened . Your movie is a first , courageous and brilliant step on the path of re conquering fairness without which the electorate loses its voice .. " ~Patrick B.

"The film was superb. Thank you for making it. In this era, that has a much better chance of reaching people than anything in writing would have. The marvelous thing about the film is that it not only exposes the incredible unfairness of the media, but in the process shows us who Sarah Palin really is. I'm mighty conservative and already had a good opinion of the lady, but even with that mindset I was accepting things the drive-by media said about her that weren't so." ~Richard R.

"I have my copy of Media Mal Practice and encourage everyone I know to purchase one. I share it to those who I know can't afford it. But even more please keep up the good work of the media bias. Many of us out here are behind you. If I can help you let me know what we can do? I work for Sarah Palin and push her I admit. I am not a far right religious loon I am conservative but not a lunatic just believe in the constitution and smaller govt. and capitalism. I have lived under socialism for many years in the past and proud to live here in America and truly do not want America to become such. Love ya as I say if I can help send me the talking points to get started. Thanks for you eagerness to keep America America" ~Suzy G.

"I did not need this documentary to clarify anything. I know that Sarah Palin is a very intelligent women with broad shoulders and thick skin. She endured a lot and to this day is still catching hell. It is sad that they media has come to this and what is even worse is people don't even question what is being reported. They just simple except it and move along. Thank You for doing this film and setting the record straight." ~Christy

"I just finished reading your contribution to the opinion section on FoxNews.com and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful piece. Though I voted for Obama and strongly disagreed with McCain/Palin on almost everything, I completely agree with you that the Couric/Palin interview was a joke. And I too am disgusted at the thought of Couric receiving an award for it. In this age of a media driven solely by ratings and shock value and almost never by facts, it was refreshing to read your honest and thought provoking piece." ~Jessica D.

"As a documentary maker myself, I was much impressed with Media Malpractice." ~Jack C.

"I am a huge Sarah Palin supporter, and I thought that your DVD was extremely well done. Katie Couric is a disgusting propagandist, without a shred of journalistic integrity. Her receipt of this award "says it all" about the state of mainstream journalism! " ~Jeffrey S.

"I found your collaboration with Sarah Palin a very effective expose' of the tragic results of irresponsible journalism which resulted in Obama appearing victorious at the expense of Palin's reputation being trashed. I'm hoping that enough voters wake up in time to replace all incumbents up for re-election in 2010 and finish the job in 2012, with Sarah Palin as an integral component of much needed national leadership. My primary apprehension is, so eloquently expressed by Governor Palin, "Once the bell has been rung it is impossible to un-ring it". Too many people I have approached on this subject tend to continue regurgitating the same toxic campaign media misinformation." ~William C.

"A while back I made a post about a documentary that John Ziegler was making--"Media Malpractice." After much anticipation, I finally had the chance (or should I say time?) to sit down and watch it. It was an excellent documentary... major props to John Ziegler for revealing the media's true color--BLUE--because it is a massive body of liberal enthusiasts! It revealed a ton of information and infuriated me even further on how the media attacked Sarah Palin. I recommend you watch this, especially if you don't share a similar opinion with those of us who believe the media crucified Palin. Also, it will give you even more reason to believe that FOX NEWS is the best news network out there." ~Morgan

"The movie is amazing. You blew the doors off of it - him & them! I knew the media was in the tank for him and I'm about as GOP as they come - but it is SO far beyond what even I thought, and I definitely thought and think they worst. Not just about the media but about him and his agenda. EXCELLENT work!!! " ~Kate

"I showed your DVD to my students in "rhetoric." They were left: "speechless." The underbelly of the media had never been exposed to them. Keep up the great work. The MSM is no match for you." ~Jack

"The first e-mail I got about ordering the "Media Malpractice" DVD I put my order in and couldn't wait for it to arrive. What an excellent piece of work!

Michael Moore twists fact and fiction and calls it reality. John Ziegler asks questions, then takes reality and documents it- that's what the best documentaries do. This is what makes "Media Malpractice" such an eye opening experience. The facts are right there, always have been." ~Eric D.

"Showed the documentary last night to some family. So much info I cant believe I missed!
GREAT JOB!" ~Mercedes P.

"I want to congratulate you with the production of the documentary "Media Malpractice".

I was aware of the biased media covering of the 2008 US election, but being based in the UK, really only saw a small portion of the big picture. It was truly more of an eye opener than I expected - I have never been an Obama supporter and wasn't too keen on McCain, although the McCain / Palin combo struck me at least as honest. I thought Palin at least had some credibility with her achievements as governor.

What you have done with this documentary is to show exactly how the media can demonize a person or group and how easily they can sweep proper journalism under the carpet.

I grew up in South Africa and know how the liberal media demonized the previous government - we all wanted development towards a country where all had rights, but what happened there is an atrocity. Maybe you can produce a documentary on the real South Africa in future." ~Johann

"Hello sir, just let 'in you know... I had a party tonight of about 30ish people over doing a little grill-out thing.....and my personal DVD of "Media Malpractice" was trying to be confiscated by almost everyone here. Although I've been vehemently approached to burn a copy of this stellar bit of real journalism, I will not (unless you say to do so)... and I have made a point to push those who understand the true nature of your plight to buy this treasure of truth and reality.

Again, you're a voice for those who have no real platform, but I will tell you... you're backed beyond belief and so appreciated. God bless John, and I mean that in every "politically correct" way possible." ~Eric C.

"I'm a journalism student who just finished watching this video. Wow, John Ziegler rocks! This video presents a lot of important truths that have been largely ignored by America's mass media. After watching this video, I can see Joseph Stalin from America's mass media. :-) I encourage "Mama Grizzlies" all across America to "rise up" and take back the integrity of American womanhood from the immoral sewer of liberal gender feminist ideology and propaganda. Succumbing to Hillary Clinton rhetoric (gender feminist propaganda) in a futile attempt to get the female vote was a badly misguided tactic of Sarah Palin, in this past election, IMO. American women deserve better and so does Sarah Palin, IMO." ~Ray B.

“I just finished watching Media Malpractice and it was terrific. It was very frustrating to see how the news media lied through the election. I knew it had been bad, but didn't know it was this bad. Thank you very much for having made this documentary. You have done a great service.” ~Jose

"I just wanted to send y'all a note saying that I was absolutely stunned by Media Malpractice. It is by the far one the greatest documentaries I have seen. Its presentation was simple yet extremely powerful. I defy anyone to watch this video and then honestly defend the media as objective. My hope is that this documentary will help to repair the damage done to Governor Palin by the Media and awaken people to who Obama really is.

I will recommend Media Malpractice to all of my friends... especially the liberal ones, and I will recommend to the College Republicans here at Vanderbilt that we watch it in place of one of our scheduled meetings.

And... Please Mr. Ziegler, never again refer to yourself as "the Right's Michael Moore, only with facts." Your work, sir, is of such amazing caliber that comparing it to the work of that malicious maladroit is an insult not only to you, but to us, your audience." ~Austin C.

"I received my copy of Media Malpractice last week and started watching it late Saturday night after the kids had gone to bed. I thought I would just watch a bit and then watch the full thing with the whole family the next day. Well, I watched the whole thing through because I couldn't take myself away from it. As painful and frustrating as it was to watch what happened, the way you put the whole story together made it the video of a page-turner for me. My wife, who was doing some computer work in the next room walked, watched for a few minutes, and left saying that it was just too infuriating to learn even more about the fraud that had been perpetrated on the American people by the media." ~Alan M.

"I just viewed your film. "You Nailed It"!!! There were even parts you covered from the primaries; I did not know about. One example is although, I knew about the "Lobbyist Letter" of McCain's " disappointment to Obama. I had NO IDEA there were "interviews" to back it up!! You covered the following from the primaries PERFECTLY: *The Wright issue, Bill Clinton & the "Fairytale" comment, Donna Brazile "1st" to say Racism (Although, J. Jackson Jr. & Roland Martin were contenders for that spot), Gerry Ferraro, Hillary's "response to the Muslim" question & how she was set up, The "With-Holding" of results from the IN county to "Down-Play" her win. The General Election Coverage was "Spot-On" too. GREAT JOB!! You managed to show-case what "we" witness. "Without Injection yourself" into it. Well done!!" ~Toni T. (PUMA)

"I watched Media Malpractice last night. It was extremely well done. I am an airline pilot, and I wasn't flying that much during the campaign season. I was able to watch most of the news coverage and media clips that you showed. With all of the misinformation and misdirection, it's very difficult to dig through it all to get to the truth. I would try to watch a variety of news sources, but ultimately, Fox News (news and commentary), Glenn Beck (on CNN at the time), Morning Joe (at times) and, FactCheck.org were the most reliable and accurate sources. If it weren't for Morning Joe, I would have deleted MSNBC from my program guide.

The bias was overwhelming, and you made a very accurate and solid case. I already knew what was going on, but I'm glad to see someone take the immense time and effort to put it all together. I've seen reports of single instances of bias, but have never seen anything that showed the consistent bias over more than a two year period." ~Drew W.

"Hi John! I wanted to let you know that I received my copy of the documentary today and just finished watching it. I am going to get a group of friends together to watch it as well. The video just re-enforced again why we need Governor Palin to stay active on the national stage. I am even more determined now to pursue a job in Alaska so that I can do anything possible to help support her. Great job on the video! People in the MSM should be shaking in their boots. I don't think that the electorate will be fooled twice." Denise S.

"I received my copy of your DVD. I was extremely impressed with the quality. It was expertly and professionally done. The background music was perfect in setting the scenes.

The sad new is how it is all so true. I was completely aware of the blatant bias during the election campaign.

I have quit watching and paying any attention to mainstream media because it cannot be trusted, at all. It is unfair of them to try and manipulate the American public with their point of view, but what can you expect from lying liberals. What is telling of the president is how he basks in it. How can he believe that he won through true and honest means? I cannot take him seriously.

The only thing I can do as citizen is bring this to the attention my friends and family members around me. I wish I could do more, but I do pray that it comes back to harm them.

I hear more and more how the American people are getting tired of being manipulated by liberal special interest groups and the liberal media lip service. Hopefully this big push against this kind of corruptness will be a result of an Obama presidency." ~Brad M.

"Excellent work on Media Malpractice. The exposure of the Obama voters was delightful but unfortunately will fall on deaf ears as demonstrated by Alan Coombs response. Loved the Palin interview and especially since it was uncut for the most part and gave a great platform to show her intellect and communication skills.

I have to say though that after watching both of your videos with my family I feel that we have entered into a period of time where we in US now have state run television just like in other centrally controlled countries. It is interesting that they appear to coalesce around ideas mentioned by party leaders and thought leaders but without direct connection, similar to dispersion of directives from Al Caida to its many cells operating separately but held together by a common theme.

Very sad to see, I don't see it changing anytime soon. " ~John S.

"This is a very good DVD. A number of times while viewing it, I almost punched a hole in my monitor. How dare the media decide who the nation should vote for is a very scary situation that should never happen." ~Charlie B.

"Thank You so much for getting back to me so quickly. When I got home this evening the package was on my steps. My neighbor got it instead. He is a raging liberal but returned it anyway. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the DVD. I am one of those nuts that spent most of last year screaming at my television. Being from NJ, I am surrounded by haters, it is nice to know I wasn't losing my mind... LOL. The purchase was well worth it. Keep up the good work." ~Arlene B.

"I received my DVD of the documentary, Media Malpractice yesterday and watched it late last night. As bad as you all know how Gov. Palin was treated by the media, mainstream and cable news, it was FAR worse then I had thought. This documentary is the brainchild of John Ziegler, who really did his homework on the subject and collated and condensed hours of video into this fast moving, poignant, riveting, well researched and laser accurate film that most effectively exposes the bias, and I dare write corruption in the media. Like I stated...as bad as you think it was...it was actually worse. I encourage all of you to seriously consider purchasing the video for yourselves, for two reasons. The first, most obvious one is as I just stated. But the second reason is that I believe a message needs to be sent to the idiots that perpetrated this atrocity on our sensibilities, and that message is sheer numbers of purchases of the film. This story needs to live on and gain traction... MSLSD, MSM & CNN hope that it just dies. Mr. Ziegler has gotten quite a bit of exposure already, but we need momentum." ~Matt S.

" I just received my copy of Media Malpractice and reviewed it today. OUTSTANDING!!!! You really nailed it. Keep up the good work." ~Ed S.

"I thought the press was one sided before I received your DVD "Media Malpractice", but now after seeing how you so skillfully and faithfully laid out your case, I'm blown away by their lack of Journalistic professionalism.

I was a Journalist in the Navy back in the mid 60's. There's nothing I've seen for years that shows the press even knows what being a journalist is about. I'm an artist now, thankfully. I'd be embarrassed to still be in the Journalistic profession. Thank you so much for a 5 out of 5 star show. " ~David L.

"I ordered "Media Malpractice" seconds after learning it was available and I was thrilled to find it had finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I'm glad the response has been positive. After watching it with some friends last night (one in particular who supports Obama), I want to congratulate you on your amazing research, hard work and dedication to this project. You definitely have a great voice, both audibly on the radio, but also a great voice for explaining the complex situation America finds itself in with an entertaining style. I hope this project rewards you enough so that you can continue to make documentaries like these last two." ~Mark M.